Faber Finds generative book covers



“Print on demand (POD) is becoming more mainstream by the day and new(ish) contenders are popping up everywhere, slowly covering more and more parts of the market. Recently the renowned English publisher Faber & Faber has also joined that field. However, unlike the other players who are largely focused on the self-publishing game, Faber’s plans were to bring POD to that part of the market, which due to the traditional ways of the publishing business has ceased to be a market at all: out-of-print books. Faber Finds is the name of said service and has just launched with an initial repertoire of 100+ titles, with more being added all the time.

A year ago Faber & Faber commissioned me to help with the design of a software system to generate complete & print ready book covers for their new imprint. The challenge proved to be more of a creative than a technical one, as the task given was to build a “design machine” which would be flexible enough to generate a very large (theoretically infinite) number of unique designs, one for each single book ever printed in this range, within the agreed boundaries set by the art direction(s) of Faber design team. The imprint has currently 4 genres, each with its own slightly varied style and rules I needed to take care of.”

Exerpt from PostSpectacular: Faber Generative book covers




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