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I’m thinking of designing a detachable cover which looks like a cinema ticket and could also be used as a bookmark. The colours would define categories and once detached, it would reveal a simple, clean book cover. Advertisements



Parts of a character is a public interactive art project. All letterforms are composed of 21 distinct parts. Most commonly these parts combine to form the characters of our alphabet. Type is Art allows for experimentation of forms beyond this typical character set. The project is really cool. It is super interactive and you can make something […]

Border designs


“Faber also commissioned the super talented Canadian typographer Marian Bantjes to create four designs used as templates for the desired look & feel of the borders styles of each of the different genres offered by the imprint. Each of her design routes then needed to be abstracted, decomposed/split into smaller elements & shapes, parametrized and generally reverse engineered conceptually. […]

  “Print on demand (POD) is becoming more mainstream by the day and new(ish) contenders are popping up everywhere, slowly covering more and more parts of the market. Recently the renowned English publisher Faber & Faber has also joined that field. However, unlike the other players who are largely focused on the self-publishing game, Faber’s plans were to bring POD to that part […]